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Fon baru...

Friday, May 17, 2013 2:13 AM 0 Atashinci(s)

Assalam@anyeong....dah lama x post kaannn....rindu bebenor asenyaa...hihi...actually, minggu lepas shuw beli fon baruu.....android tuuu..hihi...alhamdulillah laa.babnya fon blueberry comel tuuu dah nazak dah...btri overcharge, so dya jdi kembung....the same that happenned to Tiger sblom dya mati...huhux...

       Jdi shuw pong beli laa fon baruu.alang2 det elaun pong da kluaq..det yg ada dlm bank pong aq x guna lgi...so..hihi..dpt laa fon android BUATAN MALAYSIA....hihi...fon stu mlysia tuuu...that's mean I use malaysian product.I support them... :-) bagus x ? Hihiiii

    I hope I will use this android wisely
..n never going to misuse this and android...aminnnn.... luv u omma n appa....

wrong wrong wrong ~

Thursday, May 16, 2013 11:41 AM 0 Atashinci(s)

it's been a very long time before i can continue posting in this cutie bloggie..
well..to start with, last monday i went for an interview of Maktab Perguruan(IPG)..
ermm..from the start, i have made a very terrible mistake!

i chose IPG in Lembah Pantai far at KL..
huhux.when i filled in the online application, i just saw BI, i instantly chose it..
consequently, it is at KL..
what a pain~
i really thought that i have added more and more problems to my loveable parents.
what have i done???
huhu.i thought that i dun wanna go to the interview..
but my mother was eagerly wanting me to go to the interview..
so i barely packed my things..

last saturday,after reunion with my classmate,
my father and i went to Abang Ijan's house.
then, we took a dinner at Restoren Arab.
hurmm so delicious.
however, as we strolling around the restaurant..
my father fell into an empty drain.
i felt so sad to see my father's fake face like nothing happen.
instead he was hurting..
at home, my sisters put on a cream to the bruise on my father's knee.
after that, we took a bus to travel to KL.
and guess what~
it only took 4 hours to arrive at KL from Alor Setar..
haha.we expected that it would be 6 to 7 hours but...
maybe because in the bus,
there are only 5 passengers.so the bus went all fast and furious.
as soon as we got there,it still 4a.m.
so my father n i went around Puduraya to find some shelter.haha.
and thank Allah..a friendly man emerged from nowhere
and promoted us to his motel with a very cheap price.

haha.i really couldnt sleep at that time..

so we spent 3 hours there and waited for Pak Su to fetch us.
and as soon as Pak Su came,he brought us to his house after having breakfast together..
at his house,he showed me the records of Running Man Marathon that i have missed last night..
wow! i was like...speechless.
at first i felt heavy to go to KL as i would missed RM Maraton.
but in return..he3.

then in the afternoon we went to the Rumah Universiti of UM.
well.UM is just a stone's throw away from IPG Lembah Pantai.
Pak Su rented a room there but as we went there the girl in charge was not there.
and we waited for a long time but no answer.
so pak su tried looking for other hotels around Lembah Pantai but it was hopeless..
seeing pak su in despair made my heart broken..
why must other people suffering just bcoz of me?
therefore, i promised myself that i will do my best..
my very best!
in order to return the sacrifices by all of them..

however, we only wish..
on the day of the interview,it has been destined
that i would be interviewed by the interviewers..
i was terribly trembling in front of them..it was shameless~
in fact, there would be 6 in my group..
but out of my expectation, the other 4 were absent.
so there were only two of me and the other girl from Shah Alam.
and to make it worse, the girl was really fluent in speaking.
after 15 minutes, the horror interview ended.
paksu still waited for me??
OMG! he sacrificed his time on works just because of me!!
and in return, my performance in the interview was damn low and frustrated!
after that, paksu brought my father and me to KLCC.
we lunched and sauntered around KLCC before paksu left us there.
he had a meeting..poor him.
in a nutshell, he has wasted 2 days with us..
i dunno how to repay him for all of his kindness and patience..
May Allah give him barakah throughout his life..
and i really hope he will lead a happy and successful life with his family..
well, he is indeed successful even for now..i salute him for that !^^

well.i think that's all.
it is really bad to see people forsaken so much things for us..
but we return conversely for them..

jeongmal mianei.i dunno why everything went wrong for me nowadays..

LIMA 2013~

Wednesday, May 8, 2013 1:49 AM 0 Atashinci(s)

1 April 2013

assalam@anyeong yeoreobbun!
hehe. syok yg teramat sgt semalam..
LIMA 2013~
ari first,second and third x pergi pon coz mama n abah sibokk giler.huhu
duk umah ja layan citer korea.
nnti masuk kolej/u mana2 xleyh nk tgk dah..
huhu..arap2 bley la stop lepas ni..
then hari 2nd last n last bwu p..

here's some photos from LIMA...
such a dorky...i went there to take pictures of abg2 askar TUDM saja..
sumernya kiut-miut...

 nie kt awana porto malai.

 uri oppa...

 huh. poyo gilakkk.hehe

 really love this..


 really proud with the design.

 so beautiful...from Rusia.

 feeling all mighty if i can stand on the jet..

 after fetching my father from jetty..
we had a dinner at G.M Burger..
so delicious dohhh..

love to usharr this guy with lime-green headphone..
so cute..

 this gorgeous pic took a really long time before i succeeded to take it..
i donno why but this towel guy has really caught my heart from the start..hehe
his towel made him looked really cute~
i donno why but i was so shy..my little sis was really annoyed by me..
she said my terrible shyness is one and the only factor i could not take a pic with my favourite football player of KEDAH, Khyril Muhymeen when he and other Kedah's players came for a short visit to Langkawi last 7 years after they won FA Cup...huhu.
first try, i pretended to buy the drinks that they sold.
then after strolling around miec for  a few times, i gathered my energy and spirit to ask for a pic wif him..
and here the pic..yeahh.
                                                            he said "laa..awat nak amek gambar ngan pak cik plak..dah laa x
haha..mana ada...
then my sis n i said to him..
"pak cik comey laa.." and he just smiled to us..erhh..so adorable!

and this is the full uniform soldier..
hehe..looks a bit like NAS-T..
his smile.

and the never-ending smile from POLAND man..
he is so friendly..and handsome..

then on our way to go home after the closing ceremony,
i saw this banner..
oh, i really love u, PM...
u r so cute n passionate towards ur duty...
i salute u...

hurmm.. lots of fun from LIMA this year..
that's all..
papaii 4 now.

my opinion.

1:48 AM 0 Atashinci(s)

14 Sept 2012

anyeong !
sekarang ni duk heboh pasal nie..

ok, maybe betull maybe x.
so, pengajarannya kt sini xpayah la tiru lagu tu..
i do do not really like that song.
i mean i love that song.
but i dun like the music video,the dance..
no need for us,muslims to copycat the korean..
we have our own style.

n sekarang nie ramai yg nak tiru K-POP..
it's okay to copycat diorang.
tapi tiru yg baik2 sudahlaa..
ada byk sifat diorang yg baik2 yg boleh kta tiru,
tpi knapa mesti kta tiru yg terokk plak ??

kta sendiri ttau apa yg baik apa yg buruk
kecuali klu kta ni x mumaiyiz lgi..
contohnya...kta boleh tiru style variety show diorang.
dlm variety show tu ada byk nilai2murni..
contohnya, never give up.
besides, rancangan2 tu byk promosikan artis2 diorang.
diorang tunjukkan kt kta betapa sportingnya artis diorang.
that' why we all love them..
they show funny and good character.
we enjoy their reality show.
to be honest, now shuw just suka tgk geng2 pelawak ja..
sebab diorang je yg sporting.and best!
kta jugakk bleh tiru show 2 DAYS 1 NIGHT yg byk promosikan tempat2 kt korea sana di samping adakan mcm2 traditional game korea and be sporting..
lagi satu geng2 kpop nie diorang tunjukkan kt kta
yg diorang betol2 hargai fans diorang..
setiap artis ada nama fanclub sendiri..
contohnya SUPER JUNIOR-Ever Lasting Friends.
dan byk lagi..

and shuw betol2 sedihh..
sekarang ni  kpop dah semakin popular,
makin ramai plak yg nak jatuhkan diorang
heh biasalah kan.
org popular semua org nak dengki.
sekarang nie mcm2 rumor duk kluar pasal kpop.
whateverlah, yg penting shuw tau apa yg shuw buad..
i love kpop 4ever.
shuw xtiru style pakaian diorang.
shuw tau batas2 org islam.
Insya Allah, selagi boleh shuw x akan terpengaruh dengan budaya diorang yg berbeza dgn ISLAM..
InnALLAHa maana...

and for those who anti-kpop,
tolonglahh klu dah xsuka tu xpayah laa tgk..
buad tambah dosa jerr maki sana sini..
mcm shuw laa..
shuw x suka artis barat..
so shuw xkan tgk..
so xkan laa korang pon xbleh buad.
I KNOW YOU ALL CAN DO IT properly...


1:47 AM 0 Atashinci(s)

18 Ogos 2012

raya this year...
has no meaning...
it is meaningless...

arhhhhh...i wanna be with my frensss....
my family never understand me...
they act like i am a very stupid person...

with my family,
i feel like i am a useless..
totally useless !!!
that woman....
arghhhh....i hate her....
always try to find my fault...
never agree with my opinion....
never see any speciality of myself....
only know that is my fault..
that is my fault...
she should feel grateful that 
i am a very kind person..
i have always obey her..
never have any opportunity to fight her...
she thinks that she is the most perfect in the world..

my room...
never clean and neat...
once it became clean, it will become miserable again...
i have become very tired to clean it everyday....every second ...

hey, kids !
get out of my room laaa!!!!!!!!!
i wanna study...
you ruined everything laaaaa!!!!
if i didnt have better result in this trial...
blame yourself !!!!!!


12:49 AM 0 Atashinci(s)

23 Jun 2012

assalam @ anyeong !
well, mid year examination has passed ...
my result ??
not so bad ... not so good ...

Bahasa Melayu       - 74
English                - 87
Bahasa Arab           - 75
Modern Mathematics   - 85
Additional Mathematics    - 43
Sejarah         - 72
Al-Quran Sunnah    - 85
Syariah Islamiah      - 80
Biology         - 33
Physics         - 51
Chemistry     - 42

so, 4 A  1 A-  2 B+  1 D  2 E  1 G

errghhhh, saket mata tgk G tu....
memang result shuw xberapa nak elok,
but, dun worry...
we still have TRIAL and SPM ...
at that time, i will show u all the real shuw !
i am not that STUPID !!!!!
i worth that 11 A++++++++ !!!!

just wait and see !
bio......i will now just focus on u..
because u are the one i target since childhood ...
yayyaya, to becom a vet, i must score well in bio, right ????

TEACHER ROFIDAH , gomawo for everything !!!
i really appreciate your support !!
when you hold my hands tightly,
i can really feel the hold of a mother....
i really miss my mother ...
tenggsss teacher...

i felt kind of  useless
when i saw the very small marks...
33 ....

because of VETERINARIAN !!!!

this is how i look right now ...
yayaya, i am wearing a spectacles now !!